Sunday, 15 September 2013

[Single Review] Praise Godney "Work Bitch" is here.

Britney's back with a STOMPING first single off her yet untitled eighth studio album. She doesn't hold back on it does she?

It's a collaboration between her, and one of the guys from Swedish House Mafia and it sounds exactly like a collaboration between her, and one of the guys from Swedish House Mafia. The beat is basically taken straight from that SHM song Greyhound. A song that I love but always craved vocals for so I'm cool with that. The british accent also makes a comeback and it kinda makes her sound like Cher Lloyd (awkward), I swear you can also hear some backing vocals from Miss Lloyd as well which makes me think that this may have started out life as a Cher Lloyd demo. 

I most likely am of course entirely wrong. 

This of course will be massive in the clubs around the galaxy but is it Britney's best ever lead single? I'm not sure, it's missing something I can't place my finger on. 

It's fun, it's cheeky, it's a bit different to her pervious stuff. It kinda gives me flashbacks to Scream and Shout but this is much more melodic and she does some really nice/interesting stuff with her voice (or a computer does I'm not quite sure). It's better than Scream & Shout though because it's actually a proper song with a semi proper chorus. Radio is going to eat this up like there's no tomorrow. It's going to be a big hit, this is a fact. It's also going straight to the top of my workout playlist, Britney telling you to WORK has got to be good motivation right?

Album 8 is gonna be good. 

"You wanna live fancy
Live in a big mansion
Party in France

You better work bitch"

Score: 8/10

[Must Listen] Rphabet - Black Suit (Feat. San E)

San.E is one of the best rapper's in Korea right now... how did JYP let him go? 
Love the production on this as well. You have to give it a listen! 

Saturday, 14 September 2013

[Music Video] Iggy Azalea proves herself with "Change Your Life'

I've been following Iggy for a little bit now. I saw a couple of her videos before she got signed and thought she was great and had the potential to be the next big female rapper. So when it came to her releasing her first proper single I was really excited and "Work" lived up to that excitement but I knew it would be really big. The "head over heels" line is iconic however. It wasn't really made for radio. "Bounce" on the other hand was TOO made for radio, felt like her management was grasping for a hit, it did really have that Iggy flair that I originally liked. It was a jam though and I enjoyed it. 

"Change Your Life" however strikes a perfect balance. The hook is VERY catchy and will instantly get stuck running around and around in your head. She raps excellently and looks great in the music video (when she gets out the pool - wow). She also sings a little bit, nothing amazing but it's good to see she's not a one trick pony. T.I is featured in it as well which I could have done without but I understand why he's there. I'm loving this Iggy and I'm anticipating her album which is due out before the end of the year.

There's also another iconic line "We spend our Winters in the Summer of Australia,
Eating crumpets with the sailors". 


The best song on G-Dragon's new album is in fact the bonus track.

"Window" was only included on the physical copy of the album and it's the best thing G-Dragon has done in a while. Inspiration was obviously taken from Drake for this one. GD sing/raps/mumbles over this dreamy beat. He does something with his voice that he's never really done before, this is G-Dragon toned down. "This might be the last time we say goodbye" he repeats on the chorus. Apparently the song's about murder depending on how you interpret it. I've read the english translation and can't really see it but like a lot of things the meaning is probably lost in translation which makes the whole thing cooler and more mysterious. 

I need G-Dragon doing more stuff like this. Although I am enjoying his album "Coup d'etat" somewhat, the whole thing does fall a little flat for me. We've heard everything on there before apart from "Window". There's nothing innovative there. YG hardly ever is. It's boring for the most part. I mean if friggin' Girls' Generation can release one of the most interesting k-pop tracks ever then YG can have a go too. But then again G-Dragon contributed to 100% of the tracks whereas SNSD occasionally might apparently write the lyrics to a filler album track. So swings and roundabouts. 

Friday, 13 September 2013

[News] Britney's new artwork is one of the worst of the year but the song will probably be one of the best

A days or two ago Britney unveiled the artwork for her new single titled "Work Bitch" is it's a hot mess. Britney looks drugged up and photo shopped to death. The font is sub-par and the whole vegas thing is just bleh.. I know her management are probably trying to promote her stint in Las Vegas at the same time but the whole thing just looks kinda tacky and it's all been done before really.

Saying that the song will probably slay as do most Britney singles do. It's written by two of the guys from Swedish House Mafia so it's basically going to be some EDM BANGER(z) that samples RuPaul. Also to be quite honest of all the women of pop comebacks occurring right now (there are quite a few) Britney's is the one I am most anticipating, you never know if somethings going to be amazing or a train wreck with her and that makes things more exciting. I have heard some alleged snippets around the web recorded by dancers at her music video shoot and it sounded promising. 

As I was writing this Popjustice (i.e one of my favourite sites on the web) tweeted this:

So some more evidence that it will in fact slay you and your family. We will all be worshipping the Lord Godney before next week is done.