Friday, 12 July 2013

[Single Review] Falling In Love - 2NE1

Blacksjacks have been waiting a very long time for the return of 2NE1. A new album was promised last year but was pushed back in order for the girls to have a world tour. Rumours had been circulating since then as to when they would be back again and the day is finally hear.

"Falling In Love" is a step into reggae for 2NE1 who normally stick to electro-pop for the most part. The song was actually teased way back last year when CL performed it as an intro to their "I Love You" performance on Inkigayo. You know the one where she had a parrot on her shoulder.

2NE1 were the group that introduced me to k-pop. There "western" sound made for an easy transition into the crazy world that is k-pop. There isn't a song that I don't like from them, you are guaranteed no filler from them. I hold them to quite a high standard and I was quite worried about the comeback. "I Love You" initially really didn't impress me too much although I have come to feel that it is actually very good, for the production alone if anything.

So how do I feel about "Falling In Love"? I like it. I really do like it. CL gives probably one of my favourite rap deliveries I've ever heard from her. Boms vocals are utilised perfectly on the chorus. Often I feel she's often reaching for notes that she can only just get but you really get to hear her amazing tone on this. Dara's parts are ok, I would have liked no autotune, we know she can actually produce some really nice vocals (see I Love You) but not here. The star of the show for me here though is actually Minzy, her voice fits that reggae style so well and the contrast between her slow delivery and CL's fast paced raps works well.

Can 2NE1 do better though? Definitely. That is why I know this song has fallen flat with a lot fans and reviewers. It doesn't have the punch of "I am the best" and isn't quite "quirky" or "experimental" enough which seems to be the trend in k-pop right now. It's very catchy and lot of people are enjoying it but it's not pushing any boundaries like SNSD's "I got a boy" did. Maybe it's the fact that it's actually a year old song that was meant to be released last year. The music video is also amazing if you haven't seen it. Standard YG affair but with a more tropical vibe. I look forward to the rest of the singles and album. I know 2NE1 will deliver something special.

Score: 8/10


  1. To take a biased "review" seriously or not.

    Most likely not.

    1. I'm a 2NE1 fan yes but I was honest here. If I didn't like it, I would say so but the fact is I do. I commented on how it might fall flat for some people. But for me I enjoyed it.