Monday, 18 November 2013

[Single Review] T.O.P dazzles with DOOM DADA

When it was announced that T.O.P was releasing a new solo single I was extrememly excited, "Turn It Up" is one of my favourite solo singles from the members of BIG BANG.

"DOOM DADA" is the usual YG affair, a Hip Hop track with a lot of bass, which is fine, but where it excels is T.O.P's delivery. He is actually the best rapper in BIG BANG if you ask me. He spits the verses with rapid precision. There isn't really much of a proper hook but it's ok, the focus is instead put on the verse where it belongs. It manages to be much more interesting than pretty much anything you'll find on GD's latest album. 

The MV is pretty crazy and leaves you puzzled. I don't know if there was meant to be a story or not but I sure as hell couldn't follow it but it was cool. I particular loved the bit with the spinning skeletons, very effective.

I not sure why YG decided to release this now, right in the middle of Taeyang's promotions but I guess it's more just for BIG BANG's dome tour in Japan or something.

Praying for GD&TOP vol. 2 though to be honest.