Saturday, 14 September 2013

[Music Video] Iggy Azalea proves herself with "Change Your Life'

I've been following Iggy for a little bit now. I saw a couple of her videos before she got signed and thought she was great and had the potential to be the next big female rapper. So when it came to her releasing her first proper single I was really excited and "Work" lived up to that excitement but I knew it would be really big. The "head over heels" line is iconic however. It wasn't really made for radio. "Bounce" on the other hand was TOO made for radio, felt like her management was grasping for a hit, it did really have that Iggy flair that I originally liked. It was a jam though and I enjoyed it. 

"Change Your Life" however strikes a perfect balance. The hook is VERY catchy and will instantly get stuck running around and around in your head. She raps excellently and looks great in the music video (when she gets out the pool - wow). She also sings a little bit, nothing amazing but it's good to see she's not a one trick pony. T.I is featured in it as well which I could have done without but I understand why he's there. I'm loving this Iggy and I'm anticipating her album which is due out before the end of the year.

There's also another iconic line "We spend our Winters in the Summer of Australia,
Eating crumpets with the sailors". 


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