Friday, 13 September 2013

[News] Britney's new artwork is one of the worst of the year but the song will probably be one of the best

A days or two ago Britney unveiled the artwork for her new single titled "Work Bitch" is it's a hot mess. Britney looks drugged up and photo shopped to death. The font is sub-par and the whole vegas thing is just bleh.. I know her management are probably trying to promote her stint in Las Vegas at the same time but the whole thing just looks kinda tacky and it's all been done before really.

Saying that the song will probably slay as do most Britney singles do. It's written by two of the guys from Swedish House Mafia so it's basically going to be some EDM BANGER(z) that samples RuPaul. Also to be quite honest of all the women of pop comebacks occurring right now (there are quite a few) Britney's is the one I am most anticipating, you never know if somethings going to be amazing or a train wreck with her and that makes things more exciting. I have heard some alleged snippets around the web recorded by dancers at her music video shoot and it sounded promising. 

As I was writing this Popjustice (i.e one of my favourite sites on the web) tweeted this:

So some more evidence that it will in fact slay you and your family. We will all be worshipping the Lord Godney before next week is done. 

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