Sunday, 13 October 2013

[Single Review] T-ara - Number 9

T-ara are back! They are now back to the original six members and although I really like Areum I'm quite happy with this and I hope they keep this lineup from now on. Knowning CCM this wont be the case though. Anyway onto the song..

Number 9 feels like a hark back to their "Absolute First Album" days (one of the best k-pop albums ever btw if you've never listened to it). I adore this song. It's like Sexy Love only about 10 times better. Sexy Love was meant to be their big comeback after the Hwayoung scandal but it really didn't live up to the quality of their previous singles, for me anyway, it was a good single but not incredible. THIS is the big comeback I wanted. 

Produced by Shinsadong Tiger (responsible for most of BEAST'S and 4minute's big hits) "Number 9" starts of with just a guitar and a gentle oooooh before dropping right in the deep end of a club song. Which is basically the best way to start any song isn't it? The song is incredibly catchy throughout. My favourite part is Jiyeon's with that robotic "number 9" in the background. Awesome. 

There is also of course some awkward english "I'm addict.. I'm addict..." it's almost forgivable and what T-ara song is complete without it tbh? 

T-ara just don't know how to release a bad single. Hopefully this can help them recover to being one of the biggest groups in Korea again because this is for sure my favourite k-pop single this half of the year. 

I also love the video, it's a pretty standard k-pop affair but it fits the song perfectly and choreo is pretty good for T-ara's usually pretty low standards. Oh and Qri eats a rose... obviously.

Score: 9/10


  1. I totally agree with your review :D

  2. Agree with your review as well.
    Top kpop tune of 2013 IMO.