Who am I?

My name is Eddie/Ed and welcome to my music blog. I blog mostly about pop and k-pop with some hip-hop/RnB thrown in there but I listen to all kinds of music. I write single/album reviews and other commentary on the global pop music scene.

Why XXI?

Most of you have probably figured out that XXI is the roman numeral for 21. A number that means alot to me for various reasons. It's my birthday and a number that has followed me through my life this far. It also relates to a theory I have about that music in that it takes 21 plays of a song before you can truely pass judgement. Plus XXI looks kinda cool... doesn't it?.. Hello?

What I want to do

I want to start discussions. Please tell me if you agree/disagree with me either in the comments or via twitter. My opinions are not set in stone and are not gospel and should not be taken as such! That's the cool thing about opinions - everyone's is different! So tell me yours!

It's still early days

As you can see I've gone for quite a minimalistic theme and colour scheme but this might change completely. I just wanted something simple that looked good but it definitely needs more tweaking. If you think there's anyway in which I cold improve the layout just let me know.

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