Monday, 14 October 2013

[Single Review] SHINee are at the top of their game & rival TVXQ with "Everybody"

SHINee are back with their THIRD I repeat THIRD comeback of the year. That's kinda crazy. Although k-pop artists usually have much quicker promotion cycles than you would find in the west they still normally limit themselves to once maybe twice a year (unless you are B.A.P). SM really seem to be pushing SHINee hard at the moment and I really hope this isn't signalling the end for them or that some of them might be going into the army. Although I'd love to see some solo work from them.

When I first heard this song and snippets via teasers I initially though, oh no another boring dupstep-y track, the chorus is not particularly interesting or catchy and is quite frankly kinda lazy from a composition sort of view. The verses are better and Minho isn't rapping this time which makes for a nice change, although he's got better since debut days, he isn't that great and I think I actually prefer his singing voice much like Amber in f(x). It's ok but when compared to other SHINee singles like Lucifer & Sherlock it doesn't compare. 

Where the song really shines however is when they perform it. This choreography is incredible, they throw each other around, turn into a transformer and they execute it perfectly. If you ask me, this solidifies SHINee as the best dancers in k-pop for sure. Infinite need to up their game to take their crown. The song wasn't really crafted to be listened to as much as performed to. If they ever perform it completely live (which I'm hoping they will next week) and the vocals are on point SHINee are seriously up to TVXQ level standard and that's incredible. SHINee are probably my favourite band in k-pop these days and I couldn't stand them back in 2009. They constantly show growth with every comeback and release albums that are consistent throughout. 

Performance : 9.5/10
Song: 6/10

(Did the score slightly differently this time because a combined score would really show how I felt - what do you think? I might start doing this for all releases)

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