Friday, 10 April 2015

[Single/MV Review] Girls' Generation's worst single? ...Catch Me If You Can

So this is SNSD's first single since the loss of member Jessica. It's a Japanese single but for some reason SM has decided to release it in Korea simultaneously too. I guess it's to act as some sort of buzz single for their full blown Korean comeback rumoured to be happening sometime in May.

...and it's kinda left me a bit disappointed.

Now I generally set the bar for Girls' Generations Japanese singles a bit lower than for Korean but this just didn't quite reach it. I do really like the punchy verses showing off their lower registers and the fact that Hyoyeon gets more than one line but that pre-chorus is really bland and unoriginal. I really do not like it and actually, I hate it. That really doesn't happen often that I HATE a part of a single from a company like SM but it's happened. 

The breakdown is fine, nothing special and a bit repetitive. Taeyeon singing over it in the end second chorus made it a bit more interesting, don't know why they didn't do that for every chorus and for the whole chorus. It's by no means their worst single ever (Hoot exists, ya'll seem to have forgotten) but it seems to be getting a lot of backlash from people. Oh well, if you want great EDM in k-pop just look to T-ara.

I'll probably still jam to it for a bit and then remember that songs like The Great Escape and Karma Butterfly exist and then wonder why I'm wasting my time with this crap. BECAUSE HYO GODAMMIT. 


The MV however is friggin' great and actually one of my favourites from them. I probably wouldn't even given this song more than one play without it. They all look great, the choreography is great, the setting is great. It's great. I don't know if the choreography has been stepped up to distract away form the fact we've lost Jessica or if losing her meant the rest could actually be pushed dance to their full potential. I'm mostly just pleased that Hyoyeon actually is featured predominately for once. I'm deducting half a point for those orange suits though...smh

Song: 2.5/5

MV: 4/5

...Actually also thinking about it, now that they've lost a main vocalist I wonder if SM is gonna push them less vocally and go for these types of dance centred tracks and give more vocal songs to TTS. hmmmmmmm....

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