Saturday, 14 September 2013

The best song on G-Dragon's new album is in fact the bonus track.

"Window" was only included on the physical copy of the album and it's the best thing G-Dragon has done in a while. Inspiration was obviously taken from Drake for this one. GD sing/raps/mumbles over this dreamy beat. He does something with his voice that he's never really done before, this is G-Dragon toned down. "This might be the last time we say goodbye" he repeats on the chorus. Apparently the song's about murder depending on how you interpret it. I've read the english translation and can't really see it but like a lot of things the meaning is probably lost in translation which makes the whole thing cooler and more mysterious. 

I need G-Dragon doing more stuff like this. Although I am enjoying his album "Coup d'etat" somewhat, the whole thing does fall a little flat for me. We've heard everything on there before apart from "Window". There's nothing innovative there. YG hardly ever is. It's boring for the most part. I mean if friggin' Girls' Generation can release one of the most interesting k-pop tracks ever then YG can have a go too. But then again G-Dragon contributed to 100% of the tracks whereas SNSD occasionally might apparently write the lyrics to a filler album track. So swings and roundabouts. 

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