Thursday, 3 July 2014

[Single Review] f(x) continue to impress with 'Red Light'

I have been so hyped for this comeback since they announced it and as usual f(x) have not let me down. 'Red Light' is an electro-pop song that goes hard. Switching between fast pace rap style verses, a synth-pop style light pre-chorus to a crazy chorus. There's a lot going on here but it's all threaded together wonderfully. The bridge is SUBLIME too. We've never really heard this kind of style from them before. The first play may be jarring to some and not instantly catchy like Electric Shock but after a few plays I promise this will be stuck in your head just like any other classic f(x) hit. SM are really taking some experimental steps with the music they put out and I think it's superb.

f(x) always have really interesting artistic styles for their concept photos but then when it comes to the MV it's a standard 'k-pop dance in a box' style. That's not the case for  'Red Light'. They've stepped out of the box and into an abandoned warehouse set. Don't get me wrong I like the box set MVs that others dislike, they show off choreography well, the intricate dancing and high aesthetic style is what drew me into k-pop in the first place. But it's always good to chance things up, but the choreography definitely took the backseat here. f(x) are known for their greatly executed dancing so some fans may feel disappointed. The editing is slick and the styling is perfect (can we talk about how amazing Luna looks with the short blue bob?!). We finally got a 'dark' concept for f(x) that I feel shows a more mature side to the girls. For me this is a near perfect comeback.

Score: 9/10

At the time of writing this they are nearing 2 million views on the MV in less than 24 hours! That's incredible! That's SNSD levels of views/time. 

P.S The highlight melody for the album was also released a few days ago and it sounds great! Really can't wait to listen to it. Pink Tape was my favourite album of 2013 and this potentially could even be better.


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