Thursday, 11 July 2013

[Opinion] Are Core Contents Media the worst company in kpop?

Core Contents Media have just announced that Areum, the newest member to join T-ara, is now leaving after just a year with the group. Areum herself annouced the news via a youtube video you can watch here.

I don't know how I feel about this. I've actually really enjoyed Areum in the group and she's pretty talented at both singing and rapping and I think she could be pretty successful as a solo artist. My worry is that CCM are just bullshitting. They no longer want her in the group and "going solo" is an excuse that fans of Areum can't get too upset about but whether it actually ever happens is another matter.

I myself have no problem with members being added to a group after they have debuted. I think Pledis do this really well with After School. From the beginning we were told there were going to be member changes and a "graduation" system. Many fans were sad when Bekah and Kahi left but we knew it would be coming. CCM on the other had just seem to chop and change members of T-ara without much thought just to build some exposure just a week doesn't go by when there isn't some sort of scandal involving their artists. Two of their other groups 5dolls and SPEED (originally together as the brillant Co-ed school) have gone through more line up changes. 5dolls are coming back with 6 members (lol wut?) only which two were actually part of the original Co-ed group, and I've lost count of the amount of changes SPEED have gone through. I just get this feeling that whenever CCM feel that a group isn't doing well they change to the lineup to see if it gets people talking about them. 5dolls are also nothing without the flawless Chanmi so I don't know why they are even trying (I joke, I'm actually looking forward to the comeback, I'm just gonna miss Chanmi). 

We already know they're an awful company. They handled the Hwayoung scandal pretty badly. T-ara have gone from being one of the biggest and most popular girl groups in korea to the bottom. Half of their fans were convinced of their bullying (even though most of these claims have been proven wrong) and Korea now hates them. It would be a real shame if T-ara were to collapse, they have consistently produced good singles and obviously work extremely hard. 

There are now rumours that Areum is actually ill because of her severe weight loss. Something like 25lbs during the T-ara N4 promotions. That's a crazy amount seeing as she couldn't have been much to start with. I just really hope her departure from the group was her choice and that her weight loss was just down to hard work rather than anything more sinister. 

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