Saturday, 18 January 2014

[Single Review] AOA show us their Miniskirt's for their new single

When AOA first debuted I thought they were GREAT. Their debut song was fresh and the whole "we're an idol group but also some of us form a band with this other chick" concept was interesting, Korean idols playing instruments is not something you see very often. But after their debut I lost interest, I don't know why none of their songs really appealed to me - until now. 

Both and song and video for "Miniskirt" are essential a Bravesound/SISTAR/Alone rip-off which I dunno, has already been done about one hundred times since by just about everyone but I love it. I don't actually care too much about these rehashes because Brave does manage to change it up enough that I don't get bored and 'Alone' is one of my favourite k-pop songs so it's all cool. I'm still jamming. It's actually quite impressive how many songs he's managed to create from essentially the same thing with only a few being kinda shit. 

It's a sexy concept which seems to be very much in for 2014 so far. It turned Janurary 1st and about 10 teasers popped up for various different groups showing a lot of skin. This is no exception, AOA are rolling around on the floor and un-zipping their skirts. 

This is actually probably been my favourite girl group comeback of 2014 so far (not that there has been that many). Talking of which can SNSD and 2NE1 please comeback with full albums now please? Cheers. 

Score 7/10 

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