Wednesday, 15 January 2014

JYP's new group 'GOT7' debut and not surprisingly they're pretty good.

Ok, I'm ignoring their godawful name (at least it's not as bad as WINNER) but these guys are pretty good. I wasn't anticipating them too much just because I often find debut's a little bit awkward and never really that inspired. But seeing as they are from one the big three I kept an eye out. 

The song is really slick. It may not immediately be catchy but it slowly creeps it's way into your head. The "omana" sample from Sohee classic line from Tell Me is so cool. 

Their dancing isn't as slick as some other groups you might see in k-pop but I LIKE THAT. Sometimes k-pop can be too perfect and formulated. This actually looks what you might actually see if you walked into an underground-dance-battle-club-place in Seoul. There's definitely some sort of spark there. 

But I could easily hear 2PM here. If I just heard the song with no other information, I'd guess 2PM were singing it. They have the same style of singing, I'm sure that probably comes from having the same vocal coach etc and this song probably started off life as a 2PM demo. But these guys seem cool and I can't wait to hear the rest of the mini on the 20th and to see how they grow. Debut's are hardly ever ground breaking (except miss A) because they like to play it safe to start off with but hopefully JYP do something interesting with this group. 

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